Bob's story

Bob's probably full Collie and we think he's around 6 years old. We had a lot of trouble gaining Bob's trust when he first came to the Pound. He was very wary of us and evertime we tried to put him on a lead to take him for a walk he'd freeze and wouldn't move. We gave up for a while as it was so distressing for him, but we had to find him a home so we decided we'd just do a video at the Pound and hope for the best. Bob had other ideas though, he'd been watching us take all the other dogs for a walk and all of a suddent he decided he wanted to go on one too. We were so lucky, because we caught this on his video.

Bob had no trouble finding a home though, once we got him on a lead we could take him to the Vet, one of the Vet nurses rang a friend and Bob never came back to the Pound! He's now living with his new family and another dog out in the country.