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Pound Dogs looking for homes

The Dogs available for rehoming through the Tasman Dog Pound are listed below. All these dogs are offered to their new owners desexed, vaccinated and microchipped, they are good value at $120 for both male and female dogs.

If you want to interview one of these dogs please call the Tasman Council on 03 544 3207. The descriptions below are from my experience of the dogs when taking them out for a walk and should not be considered to be professional advice.

When you adopt a Rescue Dog you know you're saving a life. We've found that there's only one owner for some of our Pound Dogs, if we can't find that one owner, then the Dog has no options left. So, please spread the word, mention the YouTube videos and this website to your friends and family and encourage every-one you know to adopt a Rescue Dog, either direct through the Pound or from the Nelson ARK. The Nelson ARK match unwanted and abused Dogs with young people who have lost their way. Once a Dog is selected by the ARK they don't come back to the Pound.

Site last updated 8 August, 2018.


Jessie's had a very mixed last few months. Her owner took her to the Pound when he couldn't care for her any longer. This was terribly hard on Jessie, she's a very devoted dog and follows her owner around everywhere. No-one was interested in her though so we contacted the owner and he came to pick her up. Unfortunately, after 5 days Jessie is now returning to Nelson. As she can't go back to the Pound she will be staying at the boarding kennels, while we try and find somewhere for her. Jessie was very stressed at the Pound and she barked a lot, expecially with people coming and going.

Jessie is a interesting dog who was surrendered to the Pound because her owner couldn't keep her any more. She's 6 years old and really good with people she knows, she doesn't instictively trust everyone, people need to get to know her. Jessie was very close to her owner who rescued her as a 4 month old pup from a bad situation and she really is looking for some-one new to love her now. She is a lot of fun, she loves the ball and she loves to run. Everythings an adventure now and car rides are really exciting, especially for the driver.

Jessie will be best going to some-one with experience of dogs and would be better with older children. She's nice to walk on lead, and she's been both a country and a city dog. Her owner said she was fine with cats and she gets on well with the male dogs at the Pound. Jessie convalesced at Spring Grove kennels after desexing till her stitches came out and Charlotte said she was great with all the other dogs there.

Jess's first video taken not longer after she arrived at the Pound. Jess's second video taken about a month after her arrival

Richie McCaw

Young Ritchie is a long-haired dog, with gold and white colouring, probably collie/huntaway, and we think less than 12 months old. We don't know him well yet as he hasn't been at the Pound long, but John Bergman (the Pound Manager) has got to know him quite well. Ritchie's been for a few walks, he's easy to walk but he seems unused to walking on a lead and swirls around a bit. Ritchie gets on well with the other dogs at the Pound, he is a ball of energy though and doesn't know when to stop playing. Ritchie would benefit from a morning at Doggy Daycare so we'll be booking him in there sometime this week.

As you can see, if you look closely at the photo, young Ritchie has been playing in the mud.

Tiger Woods

We don't know Woody very well either yet, he's probably Huntaway X with maye some Shepherd and less than 12 months old. He's not a barky dog like most Huntaways and seems a well balanced friendly young fellow. He doesn't flinch when you fall over him when you take him for a walk. He's got lovely soft brown eyes and he loves his cuddles. He also loves sniffing, walks with Woody are fairly slow.

In the photo, Woody is rather muddy too but he doesn't show the dirt!