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Pound Dogs looking for homes

The Dogs available for rehoming through the Tasman Dog Pound are listed below. All these dogs are offered to their new owners desexed, vaccinated and microchipped, they are good value at $120 for both male and female dogs.

If you want to interview one of these dogs please call the Tasman Council on 03 544 3207. The descriptions below are from my experience of the dogs when taking them out for a walk and should not be considered to be professional advice.

When you adopt a Rescue Dog you know you're saving a life. We've found that there's only one owner for some of our Pound Dogs, if we can't find that one owner, then the Dog has no options left. So, please spread the word, mention the YouTube videos and this website to your friends and family and encourage every-one you know to adopt a Rescue Dog, either direct through the Pound or from the Nelson ARK. The Nelson ARK match unwanted and abused Dogs with young people who have lost their way. Once a Dog is selected by the ARK they don't come back to the Pound.

Site last updated 15 September, 2018.

Harley is a young dog, probably between 6 and 12 months old. We think he's huntaway x with maybe a bit of collie. He's a nice looking young dog, who's easy to walk and loves to get out and about. He also loves to snuggle. Harley went in to Richmond shopping centre this morning, we wanted to see what he was like with people and dogs. He loved it, especially the visit to Sinful Coffee, where he got so much attention from the staff and customers.

Harley has had his first vaccination (he had a nice time at the Vet too and loved the fuss everyone made of him) and is booked in for desexing on Tuesday nesxt week.

ShyBoy is a dog who needs to find a special home. He's been living at the Pound for over twelve months now, because John was worried about how ShyBoy would cope with life outside the Pound. Sorry, had to run, will finish descroption later.