Unofficial Tasman Pound Dog's Website

These are the people who help the Pound Dogs

Please note this page is still under construction and not every-one is included yet.

The Vet Centre in Richmond

The Vet Centre gives the Pound Dogs discounted rates for their desexing, vaccinations and vet expenses. The staff there are wonderful they welcome and pay heaps of attention to our dogs who they treat the same as any loved pet. They've even helped us find homes for the Dogs, Angie (was adopted by one of the Vet Nurses), and Cruze, Sophie and Bob were all rehomed through the Vet Centre. Chumley would never have lived, but for the extra care and attention provided by one of the Vets, who gave a lot of their time free of charge to save his life.

Doggy Daycare in Hope

Some of the Pound Dogs go to Doggy Day Care in Hope for an afternoon, they love it, gives them a break from the Pound and helps them find homes. Steph and Leanne take some wonderful photos of our dogs, and the give the Pound Dogs a cut rate.

Sinful Coffee in Richmond

We often take our dogs to Sinful Coffee, we have coffee and the dogs get treats and attention from the staff. The dogs love going out and it helps them practice their social skills.

Z Petrol on Main Road Stoke

Donate their left over pies to the dogs. Pie time at the Pound is very serious, there is absolute silence when the pies are handed around. Some of the dogs eyes widen in absolute wonder. There's a poor dog whose rib cage is clearly visible, he ate two pies and a sausage today, on top of his regular food, absolute heaven at the Pound!

Spring Grove Kennels

Many of the Pound Dogs stay at Spring Grove Kennels after they've been desexed and we're sure they get special attention. Harvey, Keene and Bindi all stayed there for quite a while.

Dark Sapphire Pet Photography

Rochelle from Dark Sapphire Pet Photograph helps the Tasman Pound Dogs find homes by taking some great photos. We usually take the dogs to Queens Gardens so they dogs get an outing along with their photo shoot.