Jool's story

Jool's owner bought her up from Dunedin but he wasn't allowed to keep her when he moved into Government Housing in Nelson. Jools was a lucky dog really, she'd had a good home and she'd never been beaten or kicked although she'd had a few litters. She was 6 years old when she came to the Pound and a bit overweight, not a good age to be looking for a new home and Jools was at the Pound for such a long time, we couldn't find a home for her.

Eventually we took her home, if I was looking for a dog I would probably never have chosen Jools (and no-one did), but she came into our lives when my Mum left it and she has bought so much fun and laughter to our home when we were very low, we would never want to be without her now. I don't think people should adopt a dog just because they need a home, it doesn't work, the dog needs to fit into their lifestyle and we're so lucky because Jools fits into ours.