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THEN and NOW stories

Pound dogs are just ordinary mutts who've suffered a sudden major change in their life - lost, abandoned, surrendered, rescued from evil - but most dogs are very resilient and adaptable. We want to show as many stories of how they have resettled into a new home, family and community as possible. Like all things in life, not everything always works out, and this page only includes the happy stories, but most stories are happy and many are still coming! If you have an ex Pound dog, and you'd like us to add them to this page please send a photo and a sentence or two.

As the Pound Manager John Bergman says Pound Dogs R Gr8 M8!


At the Pound (2014):

We don't have any pictures of Asha at the Pound as when she arrived the Pound was packed and under quarantine. Asha, was a very lucky girl, not only to have survived this terrible time at the Pound, but then to be chosen by the ARK and adopted by the ARK's dog trainer.

Asha is an example of how a Pound dog can have no future at all, but this can change in a few seconds, if some-one sees them and chooses them.

Pic of Asha now

At home (2018):

4 years now! Found wandering at about 9 months then onto the ark program. I adopted her when she graduated. She is a sweet natured dog and now has a job with me visiting schools and helping to teach kids how to interact around dogs they don’t know.

Bingo (was called Tonto)

Pic of Tonto at the Pound

At the Pound (2017):

Tonto was a bright, inquisitive young fellow who loved to follow you around and make friends with everybody. He wasn't in the Pound long (we don't have a photo) before he rode off into the sunset with his new Lone Rangers.

Pic of Bingo now

At home (2018):

Our boy Bingo (previously Tonto) is now learning to be a farm dog. After adopting him he lived with us on our town section but we found it was not stimulating enough for him so decided he would be happier on our farm with the other working dogs and he's loving it! He goes in the tractor every morning with my dad to feed out to the cows and is great company. He loves going on long walks, playing with our other dogs and especially his squeaky toys. Bingo has been a great addition to the family.

Bobby (was called Rollo)

Pic of Rollo at the Pound

At the Pound (2017):

Rollo was probably only around 6 months old when he arrived at the Pound and what we remember about Rollo is how clever he was. He was originally rehomed to a family with young children, but he came back because he was a lot to handle and this was when he was young! Luckily, he only stayed in the Pound for the one night as out of the blue, a lady rang up looking for a dog and after meeting him she knew Rollo would suit.

Pic of Bobby now

At home (2018):

Rollo/Bobby is now around one and a half years old, he loves his family and he’s still full of fun. We see Bobby all around the place, at the beach, going for walks and even at the Nayland Pool Dog swim. He’s very well socialised with people, kids and other dogs, which is especially important when a dog is Bobby’s size, he’s huge.

Bobby is still very clever, his family tell me how they threw food out for the birds in the garden one morning and the next morning there was Bobby waiting with the birds for food!


Pic of Darling at the Pound

At the Pound (2019):

Darling, who is a real darling, ended up at the Pound because she was a wanderer, she was such a bright, inquisitive young dog who liked to keep busy doing things and getting in to all kinds of mischief. Darling wasn't really a city dog, such a busy girl and we're pleased she found a home in the Country. I remember Darling has a great nose, we got very used to taking all kinds of things out of her mouth, she even found a chicken bone, while we were filing her YouTube video

Pic of Darling now

At home (2020):

Darling is doing well, she's still like a crazy puppy but we love her. We have moved house since we got her and the bosses dog comes to play now and she loves it.

Dexter (was called Mickey)

Pic of Mickey at the Pound

At the Pound (2016):

Mickey ended up at the Pound, probably because he was no good at chasing pigs. We don't think he would have been much good at hunting and can't imagine him chasing anything let alone hurting anything. We did a video for Mickey but we never needed it. A young couple turned up at the Pound looking to rescue and rehome a dog and off Mickey went with them.

Pic of Dexter now

At home (2019):

Dexter is a lovely dog, we have a daughter now who is two years old and Dexter is very kind to her. When we adopted him we noticed that he was very afraid, scared by any noise, but today he is not like that anymore. We go for walks with him every day and we believe he is a very happy dog. Dexter is great and we are very happy with him.

In his photo Dexter's sitting with a baby alpaca.


Pic of Doug at Pound

At the Pound (2016):

Pic of Doug now

At home (2018):

The Pound rescued Dougy from a shed where he’d been locked up, without food or water, for several days following his escape from his earlier home. He was thin, lacked muscle tone, and was nervous and anxious, often with his tail tucked tightly between his hind legs.

From the Pound, Dougy went into quiet foster home for some TLC - he never left. Two years on, now four years old, he is “quite a different dog” and has proven to be everything his family want and expect in a dog. “He is Intelligent, trainable, and especially good around the horses he now shares his life with.” After a lot of consistent training, healthy diet, exercise/outings and love he’s proven to be a fabulous family pet. “He is a well mannered and good natured dog who is no problem to have around.”

He displays his soft and gentle side, lapping the attention with tail wagging, when the very young kids gather around him for a ‘patting session’ on their way to school. To the other extreme he can be extremely fast (the greyhound side of him), powerful and funny when he expresses joy by doing puppy runs.

His owner says, “People often say to me, while out walking, that he looks like he’d be a high energy dog, but he’s not, he’s actually a couch potato and very laid back.” Dougy has found his forever home where he continues to develop into the dog he was born to be.

Encky (was called Angie)

Pic of Angie at the Pound

At the Pound (2014):

When we first met Angie she was so scared we had to crawl into her kennel to talk to her, and then coax her out bit by bit, we used to go home in tears. Angie'd been at the Pound a couple of months when she came into her first season and developed a prolapse. We rushed her to the Vet, and while recovering she found a home. We still see Angie every now and then, it's hard to beleive she's the same dog we knew. We still think of her as our little angel though and she always recognises us. Angie was in the first video we ever did The Tasman/Richmond Pound Dogs - Billy, Suzie, Henry and Angie.

Pic of Encky now

At home (2019):

After ending up at the Pound with mange as a pup, Encky found a forever home where she now lives a life of privilege as a beloved fur baby. She enjoys running on the beach, playing with her adopted doggy brother Brock, and cuddling on the couch. She particularly loves her tummy rubs, butt scratches, and when it’s cold at night she likes to be tucked in with a blanket.

Frazer (was called Ernie)

Pic of Ernie at the Pound

At the Pound (2015):

Ernie ended up at the Pound because he was tangled and trapped in "Old Mans Beard", he was only a pup. The people who rescued him also adopted him, so end it worked out really well for the young fella.

Pic of Frazer now

At home (2018):

Our Labx was named Ernie by the Tasman Pound and was videoed because he ate so fast!!! Has slowed down now! He was found tangled up in old mans beard by Frazers orchard so we renamed him Frazer. Our pound hound has given us so much fun and joy.

Fox (was named Ritchie)

Pic of Ritchie at the Pound

At the Pound (2018):

Long-haried dogs don't usually end up the Pound, and Ritchie was a bit of a mess when he arrived. So, after his 10 days were up we took him home for a run with a doggy friend where he got even dirtier playing in the mud, then we whisked him off to The Dog Spa Nelson for a shampoo, detangle and a blow dry. Ritchie never went back to the Pound, the Dog Spa ladies loved him and one of the girls who works there took him home!

Here Fox is with Woody (way below) - both past Pound dogs and now happy lads in great families.

Pic of Fox now

At home (2019):

When I met Fox I knew straight away that he was meant to be part of my family and he has come so far! When he was brought into my workplace for his wee pamper session he was so timid and scared but now he is a lot more confident. He is a classic border collie that is full of energy, obsessed with tennis balls, looooves the beach and gives the best cuddles! Words cannot explain how thankful I am for you bringing us together.


Pic of Harley at the Pound

At the Pound (2019):

We named Harley after old Harvey (below) as they had similiar breeding and personalities, although Harley was so much younger and fitter. Some dogs seem to know just what to do when they go out to meet a new family and Harley's one of them. He didn't want to end up back in lock-up so he did all the right doggy greetings when he was introduced to the four legged lady of the house. And because he did he found a great home.

Harley found his new family through the Vet Centre who look after all the Pound dogs veterinary care, desexing, vaccinations and medical care.

Pic of Harley now

At home (2020):

Harley is a big part of our family he’s such a good boy. Izzy our older dog has given him a lot of confidence and they get on so well. He gets a bit reactive with other dogs but you can get his attention back pretty easily, he just wants to be the best boy ever.

We love him so much..


Pic of Harvey at the Pound

At the Pound (2016):

Harvey, was an old darling, he'd had a great life when he was young, lots of love and lots of walks, but his life changed when his young owner met a man. When I first met Harvey he was overyweight with a number of health issues and extemely stressed. Harvey also had an opinion on the world, the universe and his place in it. He had to wait such a long time for his home, but it was worth the wait because Harvey found the right home for him. Harvey has a couple of YouTube videos 1st video and 2nd video.

Pic of Harvey now

At home (2018):

Mr Harvey was one of those one in a Gazillion dogs- he loved to be loved by everyone including the cats. At 8pm every night he would go to bed (his bed was in my room) and sleep...once a night he would check around the house then go back to sleep. Every morning was exciting new and always a happy start to the day. I miss him so much and it was such a pleasure to have Harvey as my best mate till the end. I will never meet another dog as kind loyal and giving as Mr Harvey in my life time.

Thank you God for looking after my boy until I see him again.


At the Pound:

Hope wasn’t at the Pound for very long, Second Chance whipped her out not long after she arrived and took her to a foster home where she stayed. I remember the Rangers talking about her and saying how terrified she was when she arrived at the Pound. They were unsure if she would ever recover. Am so pleased to hear her story!

Pic of Hope now

At home:

Here is our wonderful girl Hope, so damaged when I collected her from the pound that even 2 months after looking after her there was no improvement and she would shiver and shake in rigid terror if we dragged her out of the kennel. We thought she might never get over the abuse and neglect she had experienced. Thank goodness we didn't give up on her, and the hours I spent sitting in her kennel with her while reading my book finally convinced her to trust me. Today she is a very loving and clever family member that we wouldn't be without. People don't always deserve a dog's love but dogs always deserve a second chance.

Indy (was called Teddy)

Pic of Yeddy at the Pound

At the Pound (2014):

Indy arrived at the Pound with her brother and sister. They all looked so different, we would never have known they were siblings. We took all three to the A & P show to try and find them homes, they had a ball and two ended up being adopted straight afterwards. All three (plus 2 more ratbag pups) are in our 'Puppy Pandemonium' video, having heaps of fun.

Pic of Indy now

At home (2018):

Indy (aka Teddy) our Second Chance girl. We’ve had her nearly 4 years now and love her.


Pic of Jade at the Pound

At the Pound (2017):

Jade was picked up for wandering around Motueka, she was at the Pound for a while so we got to know Jade really well. We took Jade all over the place, out to Sinful Coffee to talk to the nice people there and of course on heaps of walks. She waled along the bike tracks and around Richmond and probably other places as well. Because Jade was an older lady, we asked Sue from Dog Almighty to come and assess her. This was great fun for Jade, play and food, and cuddles. Jade loved her cuddles. We all had a lovely time doing Jade's video.

Pic of Jade now

At home (2018):

She’s doing awesome she’s lost a bit of weight but she needed to lol but we love her she’s our baby.


Pic of Jade at the Pound

At the Pound (2017):

Jade was only at the Pound for a few days when some lovely people were driving past the Pound and decided to drop in and check out any dogs looking for homes. Jade was the only dog there and they said she's the dog for us and took her home for a trial. When Jade's ten days were up she went to her new home, tail wagging all the way! Some things are just meant to be.

Pic of Jade now

At home (2018):

Jade's absolutely adorable, and she gives total love, thats who she is, she just loves you. Jade has friends all over the place, she's friendly with lots of people, children love her and she's great with other dogs. Jade follows us everywhere, she doesn't like to let us out of her sight, especially her Mum. She didn't play when she came to us, but she loves playing with her ball now and we can let her off lead to play in the park with dogs she meets and her regular doggy friends. Jade can sing, she howls at sirens, singing a lovely song. She's best buddies with the cat and has never even snapped at her. Jade loves everyone!


Pic of Jools at the Pound

At the Pound (2015):

Jools was an ex hunting dog, an old man’s best friend who couldn't go with him when he moved into new accommodation. She was at the Pound for four months looking for a home but no-one wanted her. We tried everything, we put two videos up on YouTube First YouTube video and 2nd YouTube video and we advertised her on Trade Me, Facebook and Pet Rescue. Nothing and no-one. Eventually we took her home. Brindle dogs are hard to rehome, and if they’re 6 years old and overweight with a very loud opinion on the world, the universe and everything it’s even harder.

Pic of Jools now

At home (2018):

We took Jools home with us for good over two and a half years ago now. Initially we worried about our old dog and our old cat, we shouldn’t have, Jools loved them both and she looked after and protected them until they passed on. Jools is no angel, driving in the car is just so exciting, trucks are yelled at full blast, and kisses are constant. Balls are all hers and so are sticks, they both have her full attention. Jools has quite a strong prey drive, something we weren’t used to but we manage this and it of course it means we can’t take her everywhere. Jools has heaps of empathy, lots of confidence and she’s there when we need her. Jools not only looks after us, she's also "adopted" our second Tasman Pound rescue dog GWhiz.

GWhiz (was called Jesus)

Pic of Jesus at the Pound

At the Pound (2016):

GWhiz arrived at the Pound with two mates, the Rangers had picked them up for roaming. They stayed at the Pound for around three months waiting until a decision was made on whether they could be returned home. Eventually it was decided GWHiz could be rehomed, if a suitable home was found.

pic of GeeWhiz now

At home (2018):

We took GWhiz home because we’d got to know him so well at the Pound, he was a big, scared, two and a half year old panicky puppy with some funny ways. He loves to snuggle, Jools (our first Tasman Pound rescue dog) has taught him to chase balls, sticks and to yell at anyone who picks up a ball and doesn’t throw it (embarassing on the beach). She’s given him confidence, and he’s taught her what fun it is to play again. GWhiz is such a gentle fellow, on a recent walk he sniffled out a poor drenched kitten near the airport, he then fretted over the kitten until we took her to the SPCA the next morning.


Pic of Kyle at the Pound

At the Pound (2015):

Kai (renamed at the Pound to Kyle) was in a spot of trouble for barking, neighbours complained and he ended up at the Pound. His owner arranged for the SPCA to take him in, but they weren't impressed with Kyles vocal performances either and Kyle ended up back at the Pound. We bought him a citronella barking collar, the Pound Manager tested it on himself and we decided it should work. It did for a while, but Kyle's a very, clever fellow and soon had it sussed. Kyle is a different dog now, he's found his dream. He has the best of both worlds, he's a family member and he's bringing in sheep as well! Kyle's video

Pic of Kyle now

At home (2018):

Kyle is a well loved member of our family, he's a relaxed, loving, loyal dog.


pic of Lacey at the Pound

At the Pound (2018):

As soon as I met Lacey, I thought 'I know the perfect home for you', and off we went for a quick meeting. I was right, within minutes she'd found her family and so she was only at the Pound a couple of days before she left again. Such a distinctive dog she really is a sweetie.

Pic of Lacey now

At home (2019):

Lacey's doing well, very confident now, she's a very beautiful girl. She has put on a bit of weight though, lol, looking more like a bull dog. She loves all the dogs down at the beach, smile from ear to ear. She is a bit pink,getting a bit burnt from the winter sun Everyone loves her, always get comments on her eyebrows, makeup etc.

Lily (was called Jet)

At the Pound (2018:

We don't have any pictures of Lily at the Pound, she arrived around the end of 2018 and as we didn't want to leave her in the Pound over Christmas we got her desexed and out to foster care before we got around to taking a photo. Lily never came back to the Pound, her foster carer felt she was just too sensitive and would get upset so she adopted her.

Pic of Lily now

At home (2020):

I fostered Lily while she recovered from desexing and she has been my quiet, easy-going companion for over a year now. Lily loves people but initially had fear aggression towards other dogs when she was on lead. As she is very food orientated this was easily resolved with simple techniques and treats. Staying with Charlotte at SpringGrove Kennels also helped.

Lily enjoys regular play dates with her ex-pound dog friends, sliding down grass slopes and she loves sitting at the cathedral gardens watching children play.


Milo (was called Bradley)

At the Pound (2018):

We don't have any pictures of Milo at the Pound, he came in and only stayed his ten days. A lovely lady rang up the Pound to see if there were any dogs who needed a home. We said yes took Bradley around to say hello and never saw him again. He was a very lucky dog, not many of the larger, older dogs get a home so quickly.

Pic of Milo now

At home (2020):

We only half chose Milo, as our old, slightly grumpy Daisy dog met him, and decided he was the one. Milo was well behaved a little nervous, but super gentle. At first he didn’t want to sleep inside, but he soon changed his mind and now we can’t get him off the sofa. Milo has a small trust circle, which is getting larger all the time, and if you're in it, he absolutely adores you. We had a couple of sessions with Sue Walsh (from Dog Almighty), and that really helped us understand, and see things from his point of view. (Highly recommend).

Every day he shows us so much love and affection and we wouldn’t change any part of him, he’s just perfect for us .

Missy (was called Kiri)

Pic of Kiri at the Pound

At the Pound (2016):

John rescued Kiri from hell on earth. He took her off her chain, scooped her up and took her back to the Pound. She loved it there, to her it was heaven and she was safe. Kiri was terrified of people though, everyone was a threat. She slowly got used to females, but males in Kiri's eyes meant to hurt her. Kiri didn't trust other dogs either, but first at the Pound and then at Doggy Daycare in Hope she learnt how to play and have fun. I will always remember picking her up from Daycare one day and being absolutely covered in thank-you kisses.

All up, Kiri was a the Pound for around 6 months. She was rehomed twice during this perod, but she was a challenge and kept coming back to the Pound. 24 hours before the end for Kiri, Michelle from Marlborough Dog Paws, raced down to Nelson, picked her up and took her to a friend. Kiri'd finally found a home. Kiri's 1st video Kiri's 2nd video Pic of Missy now

At home (2019):

Missy is one of four dogs and she's a special part of our family. She's our special girl.

Monty (was called Kurt)

Pic of Kurt at the Pound

At the Pound (2016):

We worried when Monty first came to the Pound, because it's so hard to find homes for large brindle dogs and we thought no-one would want to adopt him. Monty was so lucky though he had no problem, must be because he's a cool kind of dog and of course we loved him as he was so much like our Jools. He chatted up all the girls at Sinful Coffee too and I still remember walking him in Richmond and being cornered by a small white fluffy dog and an old lady! We couldn't get away, Monty behaved so well though and he sure likes his cuddles. Monty's video.

Pic of Monty now

At home (2019):

Monty's a wonderful family member soo cuddly and intuitive, he has the softest nature and is my Husbands best friend - he even waits outside the toilet or shower for him. We just love him to pieces - at first he didn’t like water or splashes at all!! Seemed very terrified but now he runs straight into the sea when we go walking and jumps round in circles - such a a funny character.


Pic of Quinn at the Pound

At the Pound (2015):

When he came to the Pound we named Quinn after “The Mighty Quin” because he was a large fellow and we thought it would be a good song for his video. Trouble was Quinn wasn’t really very mighty! At the Pound Quinn was looking for love and so we added this song to his video Quinns video .

Pic of Quinn now

At home (2018):

We took Quinn home about 3 and half years ago, we already had 4 dogs but thought quinn would fit in just fine and he did, hes a very happy go lucky dog who loves his cuddles and also his bed. He has a cat friend now who he gives lots of cuddles and kisses, sometimes they snuggle in bed together.

Hes a very big goofy part of our family and he has nothing to give but love and affection.

Rosie (was called Bernadette)

Pic of Bernie at the Pound

At the Pound (2015):

Bernadette arrived at the Pound when it was packed and all kennels were occupied. She was a smallish dog among a lot of big dogs and we were thrilled when she was chosen by the ARK for their programme. Bernadette needed help learning how to live, and the ARK were able to help her. I don’t feel she’d had much socialisation with people before she came to the Pound, a very scared little dog. John Bergman named her Bernadette, our Pound dogs have some unusual names!

Pic of Bernie now

At home (2018):

The dog resting on her brothers shoulders is my beautiful Rosie, formerly Bernadette!!!

Rosie (was called Ruby)

Pic of Ruby at the Pound

At the Pound (2016):

When Ruby came to the Pound, John said she had the saddest eyes he'd ever seen and John's seen a lot of dogs. I remember when we did her video there was no rushing Ruby, she's such an easy going dog who's in no hurry. As long as Ruby got cuddles she seemed happy. Ruby's video

Pic of Ruby now

At home (2019):

Rosie is the perfect dog for us, she's laidback easy going dog who's part of our family. She's gentle girl and we have a video of Rosie making friends with a duckling. We are so grateful to have her.


Pic of Sabre at the Pound

At the Pound (2016):

At the Pound, Saber was a mighty jumper, if he was where he didn't want to be, he just jumped the fence to where he did want to be. He was the first dog we came across who could do this, been several since, but the Pound fences are pretty high. I remember when we did Saber's video he had a lot of fun running about with the 'hat' as well as charming all the ladies at Sinful Coffee.

Pic of Sabre now

At home (2018):

This is our 4 (ish) year old staffy x Saber, suffering unbearably in his new home with us. Adopted direct from the Pound he's been with our family for 2 years now and he's such a big baby. We love him lots. He's going to star in Antoina Pets Portrait - 101 rescue dogs book too and he's the cover photo on Antonia's Facebook page!.

Simba (was Sinbad)

Pic of Sinbad at the Pound

At the Pound (2018):

When he was at the Pound Sinbad was a young, enthusiastic fellow, interested in everything and everybody. After desexing he went to SpringGrove Kennels who fell in love with him, he would have had a home at the kennels if they'd had room in their family.

Pick of Simba now

At home (2019):

Simba has been great, we're very lucky to have him!

Stig (was called Taz)

Pic of Stig at the Pound

At the Pound (2017):

Taz was a very frightened, scared dog when she arrived at the Pound with her mate Rocky. I remember going in to their run to say hello and Taz hiding behind me up in the back corner. We had an exciting morning not long after their arrival, Taz and Rocky snuck through an open gate and headed for the recycling centre. We had to run down (pies in hand), find them and beg them to come back while John manned the gates. We couldn’t catch Taz, but we grabbed Rocky and she followed.

Pic of Stig now

At home (2018):

Stig has gained more confidence in meeting people and is not the same shy, scared dog that she once was. She now enjoys toys and knows if she brings a tug toy to me we will play a game. Stig loves playing with other dogs, enjoys the beach where I have learned she can run like the wind. Stig likes to have a busy mind, is easy to train and loves to show off her new tricks (she's a meercat in her photo).

Stig goes to daycare in Tahuna once a week and is no problem, her favourite game is chasings. Stig recognises the vehicles of her special human friends and is forever hopeful to have a ride or they will stop and say hello with big cuddles and loving attention. Stig cries if, when walking we go past one of her playmates houses, she does not go in to play. Stig has a little sparrow friend who comes into the lounge everyday and hops around her, she lets him carry on till he chooses to go outside again until the next day.

Stig is very loving and likes nothing better than snuggling up to me for lots of cuddles, she is a constant joy in my life and is perfect for me in every possible way. .

Tui (was called Jazz)

At the Pound (2006):

Jazz came in to the Pound with another dog in 2006. The Pound Manager's daughter took the other dog as it required a bit of care and still has her now. Both dogs were on their last trip and by pure luck John had stopped and asked the owner for directions and the fellow surrendered the dogs to him. Just in the nick of time!

Pic of Tui now

At home (2018):

Tui came to us at the end of 2006 from John the Pound Manager. She was a pig dog no longer required and around 4 years of age. Tui learnt to be a town dog, was gentle with the kids and cats and a friend to many. She was the most loyal, sweet girl. She had many adventures and was a most loved dog. She passed away this year so lived a long cherished life beyond the pound. We couldn't have asked for a better dog.


Pic of Tui at the Pound

At the Pound (2018):

Tui came to the Pound with another dog called Coco, she was lonely when Coco left and we found she was also pregnant. As she had to have the pups aborted when she was desexed and went through a lot of pain, we felt so sorry for her and took her home with us to recover. I still remember her running around and around with our dog GWhiz when finally she was allowed to exercise. In the photo she's at Doggy Daycare in Hope inside on their sofa having cuddles. Tui was an older girl and it's so hard to find homes for the older dogs, she was very lucky lass. Tui's video

At home (2020):

Tui's doing really well, she's very food orientated and enjoying the walks and all the love and attention she is getting. She's a cunning girl and very spoilt and headstrong. She rules our home completely and we love her to bits!


Pic of Woody at the Pound

At the Pound (2018):

Woody was a worried young fellow at the Pound, he was always scared he'd do something wrong. There were quite a few dogs when he arrived and Woody made friends with another dog called Ritchie, who I think he still sees. Woody was one of the first dogs Allison (who helps with the Pound dogs) walked and he'll always have a special place in her heart.

Pic of Woody now

At home (2019):

Still called Woody, as it just stuck! He came to us very shy, and unsure of almost anything. Today he loves to swim, has been on holiday with us over xmas, and is a much loved member of our family!